Sophie Adams, London UK

Age: 67
Gender: female
Occupation: former accountant, now retired
Procedure: lumbar decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis

Over the past few years walking started to give me problems. Finally I had enough and went to see my doctor. After a couple of tests (including an MRI) he diagnosed me with a condition called Lumbar Stenosis which is a narrowing of the spine that causes pressure on the nerves. Apparently it happens to older people. I knew from my sister’s experience that waiting times for NHS surgery could be formidable. I’d also heard that it was possible to have surgery elsewhere in Europe (outside the UK) and get funding from NHS. So I did some research and that’s when I found Neuro Spine Riga. I rang them up and told them what I needed. I also asked them if they could help with the reimbursement process. They said they do it all the time, which was a great relief. I knew there was a chance NHS would turn me down but about 2 weeks after applying for reimbursement I received notification that my request was approved.

I immediately set up an appointment for surgery at Neuro Spine Riga and was soon on my way to Latvia. The clinic picked me up at the airport in Riga and the day after arriving I had my surgery. The surgeons performed the operation through tiny incisions that didn’t require a lot of recovery time. So much to my surprise I was actually able to get out of bed only hours after the surgery was complete. I was discharged the next day and returned to London 3 days later. I’m back to my normal self again and can walk with no pain and no limits. The incredibly reasonable pricing also meant that paying for the surgery up front was not a big struggle. Thank you Neuro Spine Riga! I’d recommend you to anyone and everyone.

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.